Monday, January 9, 2017

Make a List Monday

What a strange weather pattern we have been experiencing!  The weather has definately been on everyone's mind. Here in southwest Oregon, we had an extra week of winter break. Never before have I seen 9" of snow fall all at once. Our town shut down and we played and played.

Tonight the rain just keeps falling. What a muddy mess we have.

I was very excited to have a list to work on, a place to focus and accomplish. Then the snow fell and things shifted. Having four kids at home for an extra week really changed my plans.

Lets see how I did.

1. Quilt and bind Mi Mi's quilt
I got the quilting done and part of the binding. So not quite done but well on the way.

2. Take down Christmas decor and put away
Here is another half done task. Darn!

3. Cut flannel scraps for quilt
Done done done! Such a pretty stack of squares, ready to go.

All in all, with kids home and plenty of distractions, not horrible. Here is to a new week.

1. Finish binding Mi Mi's quilt
2. Major paperwork organization
3. Finish putting Christmas away
4. Start alterations on red dress

Wow! Already that seems like a lot. But totally do able at the same time.

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